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The merit of the action lies in finishing it to the end.
- Genghis Khan (1162-1227)

What is Happening

A meeting of the War Decorated Trust was held on Thursday at Chandigarh. The following Trustees were present:

  • Brig Sant Singh, MVC** (in the Chair)
  • Brig NS Sandhu, MVC
  • Brig KS Chandpuri, MVC, VSM
  • Capt Reet MP Singh, VrC

Discussion centered around passing the audited accounts for the year 2012-2013 and the Scholarship Scheme of the Trust.



Mahavir Chakra (MVC)
Awardee: Sub Gurdial Singh, MVC (retd)

Gazette Notification: 2 Pres 50, 26.1.50
Operation: 1948 Polo - Hyderabad
Date of Award: 18 Mar 1948

During an attack on a picquet in Jammu and Kashmir on 2 March 1948, Subedar Gurdial Singh was the leading platoon commander. An enemy mortar knocked out his leading section. Without being downhearted or waiting for any orders, he rushed down with his two sections. He threw a grenade at one bunker from 20 yards while the enemy was still firing ceaselessly, led a bayonet charge and was responsible for bayoneting two survivors. His courageous action filled the men with invincible spirit and the whole enemy position was over-run killing and wounding the entire enemy party. He led yet another bayonet charge himself firing from his hip and accounted for two enemy soldiers in the bunker. On 18 March, during the advance on Jhangar, while attacking feature ring contour (144065), he led his men with such skill that the enemy, though in a very commanding position, was thrown out and ran for his life leaving behind a lot of equipment. He successfully captured a difficult position without any loss of his platoon. In both these actions, this VCO's leadership, personal bravery, and utter fearlessness not only caused great damage to the enemy, but also proved a source of lasting inspiration to all the men in this unit. He worthily earned the respect of all ranks of his company.

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PVC : 21
MVC : 219
VrC : 1317
Air Force : 224
Army : 1249
BSF : 13
Civillian : 3
CRPF : 1
Navy : 67

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