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The merit of the action lies in finishing it to the end.
- Genghis Khan (1162-1227)

What is Happening

A meeting of the War Decorated Trust was held on Thursday at Chandigarh. The following Trustees were present:

  • Brig Sant Singh, MVC** (in the Chair)
  • Brig NS Sandhu, MVC
  • Brig KS Chandpuri, MVC, VSM
  • Capt Reet MP Singh, VrC

Discussion centered around passing the audited accounts for the year 2012-2013 and the Scholarship Scheme of the Trust.



Mahavir Chakra (MVC)
Awardee: 2nd Lt. Rajeev Sandhu, MVC

Gazette Notification: 32 Pres/90,26.1.90
Operation: 1987 Pawan Sri Lanka
Date of Award: 19 Jul 1988

19 July 1988, Second Lieutenant Rajeev Sandhu was leading a convoy of two vehicles from Madurang Keni Kulam to Mangani in Sri Lanka for collection of dry rations. On the way, his jeep was suddenly fired upon by militants with rockets and AK-47 and 7.62 rifles. He was seriously wounded and a direct hit of a rocket completely mutilated both his legs. Totally crippled and bleeding profusely, he tumbled out of the jeep with his 9 mm carbine and crawled to a fire position. Presuming that everyone in the vehicle had been killed, one of the militants came out of hiding and approached the jeep to pick up weapons and ammunition. But all was not yet for Second Lieutenant Sandhu. Despite the fact that his legs were totally smashed and his body was perforated with bullets, he lifted his carbine with blood soaked hands, sprayed the militant with bullets and killed him. The militant was later found to be Kumaran of the group led by Batticaloa Sector militant leader Karuna.

Second Lieutenant Rajeev Sandhu blunted every effort of the militants to come anywhere near his fallen comrades or their weapons. He displayed conspicuous courage and died in keeping with the traditional martial spirit of the Indian Army.

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PVC : 21
MVC : 219
VrC : 1317
Air Force : 224
Army : 1249
BSF : 13
Civillian : 3
CRPF : 1
Navy : 67

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